The world is your oyster

For our two year anniversary last week, my husband gave me my first real pearl (and diamond) necklace. I couldn’t think of a better gift to symbolize the year we had.

I’ve heard the phrase “the world is your oyster” many times in my life, but I never truly had the meaning hit me deep in the heart until this past year.

The world is your oyster. Take advantage of all that life has to offer. You just have to pry open the shell to get to the pearl. Well, we certainly pried open that shell. Within the span of a few months (June – August 2016), we went to Europe, bought our dream fixer-upper house, and found out we’re pregnant. Whew! In addition to working full-time jobs, working on our house, and dealing with all the joys and busyness of pregnancy (not to mention me writing my book), we took two more trips to Arkansas and Arizona. The year has been crazy and awesome. Our mentality of ceasing the world started with Europe and hasn’t really stopped.

I told Ben I wanted to go to Europe someday, and we both knew that someday never comes for a lot of people who say they want to do things. We weren’t going to be those people, so we booked the trip. It was magical.

Then, a house was for sale that suited us and our budget. We couldn’t pass up such a good deal even though we thought we weren’t ready to buy a house right then. We put in an offer that was accepted, and this house turned out to be a huge blessing for us.

Best of all, we decided it would never be the “perfect” time to have a baby so why not begin trying. And we quickly became the parents of this perfect little guy, Walter. Our cup overflows with love.

You see, there is so much beauty when you can take away the obstacles preventing you from enjoying life. Is there something you’ve been meaning to do and just haven’t done? Are there things you need to say to people that you just haven’t said? Are there life choices you want to make and are just holding back? You can change that. You can enjoy your life. The world is your oyster. Life’s too short to not open the shell. For us, we stopped worrying about timing. When we finally opened our oyster shell, we not only found pearls, but diamonds, too.

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